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  Prague Hotels 103 hotels
     * (1 star hotels in Prague) 1 hotel
     ** (2 stars hotels in Prague) 2 hotels
     *** (3 stars hotels in Prague) 40 hotels
     **** (4 stars hotels in Prague) 42 hotels
     ***** (5 stars hotels in Prague) 18 hotels
  Prague Hostels 1 hostel
  Prague Pensions 4 pensions
  Prague Apartments 19 apartments

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Map of Prague

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Czech Republic
   Map of Czech Republic
   Karlovy Vary (12 hotels)
   Marianske lazne (8 hotels)
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   Svoboda nad Upou
   Harrachov (5 hotels)
   Brno (3 hotels)
   Cesky Krumlov (3 hotels)
   Jindrichuv Hradec (3 hotels)
   Lipno - Horni Plana (3 hotels)
   Plzen (3 hotels)
   Liberec (1 hotel)
   Hradec Kralove
   Kutna Hora (1 hotel)
   Jiretin pod Jedlovou
   Kubova Hut
   Stachy (1 hotel)
   Becov nad Teplou (1 hotel)
   Olomouc (1 hotel)
   Svratka (1 hotel)
   Janske Lazne (2 hotels)
   Chodova Plana (1 hotel)
   Zlosyn-Kralupy nad Vltavou (1 hotel)
   Podebrady (2 hotels)
   Sezimovo Usti (1 hotel)
   Tuchlovice (1 hotel)

Karlovy Vary Guide

on mountains
   Jizerské hory
   Bohemian Forest
   Luzicke Hory

in other countries
   Austria - Vienna (3 hotels)
   Slovakia - Bratislava (2 hotels)
   France - Paris (9 hotels)
   Poland - Krakow (1 hotel)
   Hungary - Sarvar (1 hotel)
   Greece - Kos (1 hotel)
   Greece - Rhodes (1 hotel)
   Turkey - Istanbul (2 hotels)

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